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Ghostly Chase Concept Document

by Alban Voss, 2011

Ghostly Chase is a game about surviving an obstacle course without getting detected. You take the role of a ghost whose urn got stolen from a bunch of ghostbusters. You follow the thief’s to get your urn back before they can sell it at the International Ghostbusters Conference. On the way to your goal there are dozens of traps and hindrances

Demographic breakdown

Target Audience:

  • PC users with an internet connection, devoted to games and willing to support independent game developers. An involvement in the geek culture would be optimal.


  • puzzle stealth game


  • browser game with Unity
  • steam

Feature-list Bullet points

  • Move your ghost through walls
  • Manage your ectoplasm storage
  • Stay hidden from the dangerous ghostbusters
  • Overcome ghost traps and other obstacles
  • Ally with other ghosts to surviveInteract with your environment to confuse your pursuers
  • Lure your pursuers into traps


Feature-list Detail

  • Move your ghost through walls

The player can move through walls that are on the play area. The whole play area is surrounded by a set of thick, impenetrable walls. If the player moves through one of the penetrable walls he loses ektoplasm.

  • Manage your ectoplasm storage

Ectoplasm is your health bar and your indicator how many walls you can go through. Ectoplasm gets reduced by moving through walls, getting hit by ghost traps and attacks from ghostbusters. You can restore your ectoplasm by consuming ectoballs.

  • Stay hidden from the dangerous ghostbusters

Ghostbusters are patrolling the maps. They have an area of sight and are reacting to loud sounds – like toppled furniture. Patrolling ghostbuster have green glowing eyes. Aggressive ghostbuster have red ones.

  • Overcome ghost traps and other obstacles

Ghost traps are used by the ghostbusters to block certain passages or trap ghosts. There are two types of traps. The Ghost barrier, to block hallways. It is not penetrable and deals a big amount of damage to your ektoplasm. Can be turned on and off. The Ghost trap, to capture ghosts. Holds the ghost for a certain amount of time. Alarms every ghostbuster in the area.

  • Ally with other ghosts to survive

The player can find and pick up other ghosts and use them. The player can give them orders. The orders are attack and ambush. The attack order let the ghost move directly to the nearest enemy. The ambush order let the ghost stay on the last player position and attack any enemy that comes nearby.

  • Interact with your environment to confuse your pursuers

Topple furniture to block doors. Smash vases to make noise. Press buttons from traps and doors to turn them on and off. A line connects the button with the object. Interacting with a door consumes time. The player has the possibility use a quick time event for a faster execution.

  • Lure your pursuers into traps

Ghostbusters pursue every ghost they see and explore every area they detected noises at. The player can use their traps against them and trigger the traps when they near them.